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Cash and BNI Control Started at Torkham Land Border

Place: Torkham Land Border, Nangarhar, Afghanistan

Date: 14th to 18th October 2017

Based on the Anti-Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Law and Cash Control Regulation, Afghanistan Customs Department (ACD) as the competent authority to implement the above-mentioned regulation, installed the integrated electronic platform called ASYCUDA at Torkham Land Border (border crossing point at the east of Afghanistan) and appointed Customs Police for cash and BNI control.

Following the technical assistance provided to Customs and relevant officials at international airports of Afghanistan; Financial Intelligence Unit conducted five-days (14th October to 18th October 2017) on the job training to Customs officials, Customs’ Police, Border Police as well as National Directorate of Security based in Torkham BCP.

The overall objective of the training program was to improve the capacity of Customs’ staff for better implementation of Cash Courier Regulation of Afghanistan and to start written cash declaration system at Torkham’s Land Border. During the training, participants were explained their regulatory responsibilities and about all the provisions of the Regulation Governing the Reporting and Control of Physical Transfers of Currency, Bearer Negotiable Instruments, Gold, Other Precious Metals or Precious Stones through the Borders of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

The General Directorate of Customs printed new declaration forms and launched public awareness program through posting billboards containing regulatory information on cash declaration as well as installed ASYCUDA Cash Declaration Module providing access to FIU to receive all cash declarations automatically.

ACD and FIU will continue to coordinate the efforts improving the effectiveness of cash and BNI control at Afghanistan's land borders.