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Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Afghanistan and National Procurement Authority signed Memorandum Of Understanding

Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center for Afghanistan (Financial Intelligence Unit) of Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) and the National Procurement Authority (NPA) of the Administrative Office of the President of Afghanistan, on the basis of article 28 of Anti Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Law, signed a memorandum of understanding in an official commencement ceremony held at Conference Hall of DAB on 25th of December 2018. The ceremony was attended by Director General of FinTRACA Mr. Nesar Yousufzai and other high ranking officials from both DAB and NPA.

While signing this MOU on behalf of FinTRACA, Governor DAB his Excellency Mr. Khalil Sediq, expressed joy and gratitude for the establishment of grounds for cooperation and coordination between FinTRACA and NPA. He stressed upon the importance of this MOU in relation to implementation of Anti Mooney Laundering and Proceeds of Crime (AML-PC) law in the National Procurement processes. Commemorating the signing of this MOU as an important step taken to counter corruption, effectively implement AML-PC law and strengthen transparency in contracting procedures of NPA, Governor DAB stated that;

“This MOU is a milestone achievement that marks the beginning of cooperation between DAB and NPA. As per this MOU, the financial intelligence unit of DAB shall abide by its commitment to facilitate financial analysis and screening of bidders who take part in NPA biddings, and in this way protect the NPA processes and procedures from exploitation via Money Laundering and administrative corruption.”

Likewise, His Excellency Mr. Ilham Omar “Hotaki”, the Director General of NPA displayed contentment over signing of MOU with DAB. He reaffirmed over the importance of this milestone achievement and thanked the Governor of DAB and the Financial Intelligence Unit for establishing a working area between NPA and DAB. While signing this MOU he said that the main aim of this MOU is to fight Money Laundering and identify company owners who utilize national procurement procedures to carry their illegal activities. He stated;

“In the NPA we have had cases where companies use national contracts for Money Laundering. We seek to work with the FIU in accordance with this MOU to identify such individuals and businesses and take appropriate measures against them.”

This MOU is aimed at facilitation of exchange and sharing of information regarding verification of financial transactions of bidders and their business partners in accordance with the prevalent laws in the country. Moreover this MOU incorporates other key elements such as conditions for exchange of information, confidentiality of information, strengthening transparency in national procurement procedures, fighting corruption, and countering serious challenges to the country’s security economic stability.