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Meeting with the United Nations Monitoring Team

Director General FinTRACA welcomed United Nations delegation embodying UNSCR 1267 and 1988 monitoring team. FinTRACA’s team partaking in the meeting was led by Director General FinTRACA and comprised of representatives from Compliance and Regional operations departments.

The meeting took place at the office of Director General of FinTRACA on 08th December 2018. During the meeting both parties exchanged views on overcoming challenges and enhancing the effectiveness of countering finance of terrorism in Afghanistan. Specifically the focus of the meeting was on further betterment of implementation of UNSCR 1267 and 1988 in Afghanistan.

Director General FinTRACA assured the UN delegation of playing an instrumental role in combating financing of terrorism and affirmed that FinTRACA shall continue to abide by its commitments to place resources at disposal for any or all counterparts including the UN, in order to enhance and facilitate contrivance of UNSCR 1267 and 1988.