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Observing International Anti Corruption Day – ARG Presidential Palace

Observing International Anti Corruption Day – ARG Presidential Palace

Director General of FinTRACA Mr. Nesar Ahmad Yosufzai attended the national conference in ARG observing international anti corruption day. The conference took place on December 9th in ARG – Presidential Palace and was attended by high ranking government and international organizations’ official.

President Ghani who inaugurated the conference, stressed upon Afghan government’s persistent efforts to uproot corruption. He referred to afghan national strategy for combating corruption as the policy framework that paved the way for implementing anti corruption measures.

Director General FinTRACA Mr. Nesar Ahmad Yosufzai took part in the third session of the conference as a panelist to observe short term deliverable outcomes of Afghanistan anti corruption strategy via asset declaration law. Ms. Naheed Esar, Head of Asset Registration Department delivered a presentation to the panel on the progress made in the implementation of asset declaration law.

Director General FinTRACA contributed in the panel wide discussion over implementation of asset declaration law in Afghanistan. He stressed over effectiveness of inter-agency cooperation within afghan government entities to further enhance asset declaration process.

He recommended to the panel that focus should also be designated to non financial assets. As Afghanistan is cash oriented economy, purchase of non financial assets via proceeds of corruption is an easy strategy for corrupt officials to obliterate their crimes. Therefore Mr. Yousufzai stressed upon inclusion of verification of non financial assets.

D.G FinTRACA also reflected on asset declaration administration. He recommended that asset declaration process should be overlooked by a process that would, in three different stages, ensure maximum effectiveness of implementation of asset declaration law. He stated that following declaration stage, the assets declared should be subjected to financial and non financial verification. FinTRACA would support asset declaration department by providing results of financial verification of declared assets.

D.G FinTRACA also recommended that the administrative process for asset declaration should include Sanctions. He presented this recommendation on the basis of Anti Money Laundering law which allows confiscation of assets from criminal proceeds.

Mr. Yosufzai stated that unexplained wealth of government employees could be subjected to confiscation based on Anti Money Laundering law. He recommended that the above mentioned legal framework could be utilized to enforce international best practices in relation to asset declaration and confiscation.