Implementation of UNSCR (1267 & 1988) Sanctions

In accordance with the articles (2 & 11) of Counter Financing Terrorism Law, articles (6 & 7) of Counter Financing Terrorism Regulation and Freezing Order (Standing Instruction) # 2793 dated 20th July 2016 of the Attorney General’s Office of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the following notice is issued to all governmental and non-governmental individuals, entities and organizations;

"All relevant persons and institutions shall continuously comply with the aforesaid freezing order, avoid any type of transaction and immediately freeze the cash, bank account, movable & immovable assets and any other type of funds, properties and transactions of designations. Frozen funds and properties must be immediately reported to the Office of Afghanistan National Security Council and Attorney General’s Office through the relevant regulatory bodies."

As per the Counter Financing Terrorism Law & Regulation, any person who makes available, directly or indirectly, any funds, property, economic resources or financial or other related services available directly to or for the benefit of designated persons shall commit an offence and on conviction shall be punished by law. Meanwhile, whoever fails to implement the freezing order shall commit an offence.

To download copy of the freezing order issued by Attorney General’s Office, Click here.