7th Meeting of the High Level Coordination Commission (HLCC)

Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis of Afghanistan (FinTRACA) coordinated the 7th meeting of the High Level Coordination Commission (HLCC) on 21th of Nov, 2023. The HLCC meeting was held in Supreme Council Hall of Da Afghanistan Bank and chaired by the first deputy and Acting Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank and attended by high ranking representatives of the member agencies.

At the outset, Mr. Noor Ahmad Agha the head of the commission warmly welcomed the participants and acknowledged the significance of this meeting as the second gathering since regain of the power by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (EIA).

Mr. Noor Ahmad Agha highlighted the importance of cooperation and coordination between law enforcement agencies (LEA) and other relevant authorities in effective combating money laundering, other proceed of crime and unlawful gains from drug trade. He further expressed the meeting aimed to demonstrate the commitment of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to foster and maintain positive relations with all international counterparts.

Following the agenda, Mr. Jamal Naser Raofy, the General Director of FinTRACA and head of commission’s secretariat, provided a concise overview of Afghanistan anti-money laundering and combating terrorism financing regime. He discussed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges.

Subsequently, other members of the secretariat presented vital information to participants regarding feedbacks to the FinTRACA disclosures, bilateral information exchange, capacity building programs for LEA’s personnel, progress in DNFBP’s sector to bring it under FinTRACA reporting umbrella.

The 7th meeting of the High Level Coordination Commission attended by high ranking from ministries of Foreign affairs, Interior affairs, Finance, Justice, General Directorate of Intelligence, supreme court, General Directorate of Enforcement and Supervision of Decrees and Regulation.

At the conclusion all participants agencies reaffirmed their fully commitments for bilateral cooperation and coordination to tackle ML/TF in an effective way.