FinTRACA - Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Afghanistan

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Compliance Coordination Committee Meeting

Place: FinTRACA, Kabul
Date: 24th October, 2016

First monthly meeting of Compliance Coordination Committee chaired by Director General of Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Afghanistan (FinTRACA) held in the presence of Executive Director of Afghanistan Banking Association (ABA), AML/CFT Manager of Financial Supervision Department of Da Afghanistan Bank, Chief Compliance Officers of Commercial Banks and Compliance Manager of FinTRACA.

The purpose for the establishment of the committee is cooperation and coordination on key compliance issues of AML/CFT regime in Banking Sector of Afghanistan especially implementation of UNSCR designations on real time basis. Director General of FinTRACA briefed members of the committee about its importance and asked them for being responsive as SRIII implementation is the only outstanding issue in Afghanistan’s Action Plan with ICRG/FATF.

According to the agenda key issues were discussed in detail. The key part of the discussion was implementation of UNSCR 1267 and 1988 sanctions and real time screening in banking institutions. Each banking institution was asked to provide an official report on screening mechanism of their respective banks.

At the end, Executive Director of ABA, welcomed the establishment of the Compliance Coordination Committee and stated that ABA will not only take active part but also requested some amendments to the Term of Reference (TOR) of the committee.

Compliance Coordination Committee Meeting